locked Re: [ModelingTheSouthern] Budd LtWt Pass Car Stencil Drawing - 1948

George Eichelberger


Thanks for the info!

As a dedicated “Mac” user, I typically am not aware of issues like this…the Mac simply “handles” this stuff.


On Oct 20, 2021, at 9:24 AM, Gino Damen <g.damen@quarter105.nl> wrote:


It is the type of attachment who is the problem. On the average PC TIFF images can be viewed. On a lot of mobile device the included imageviewer can not parse TIFF files.

Even the fact that you currently attached a file with the extension .JPEG can cause problems because the extension .JPEG isn't always registered correctly.

The safest option is always post images saved in JPEG-format and with the extension JPG (not JPEG although the file self is exactly the same).


Gino Damen

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