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David Eisman

Thanks very much for your reply. I’m working on a large model project 44 Tonner for 7.5 inch gauge track.  All infos and photos are appreciated !
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David Eisman 

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I don't have my reference material in front of me right now, but I can provide you the following.
There is not a quick easy answer to your question. The 44 Tonners were not all built at the same time, nor were they all built originally for the Southern. Quite a few of them were acquired when the Southern bought up smaller railroads, such as the Atlantic and East Carolina Railway. The A.&E.C. had at least 2 of these 44 Tonners that were delivered painted in their own colors when new. Then there was one unit, I believe #1955, which was retired and sold while still in the Southern's green scheme. 
As far as their use, they were primarily used on branches that had extremely light weight rail. Probably rail/track that had not been upgraded since the turn of the century.....the last one, not this one....😁

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Samuel Smith
Moultrie, Ga

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