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Gerald Robinson

Here is an example of a Southern FM H24-66 Train Master being sandwiched between to two EMD F "A" units on the CNO&TP main line at Sunbright, Tenn. probably in the 1950s (green paint scheme) from the Tom Daspit collection.

Gerald Robinson

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These are 2 images from ebay that I can readily access from my laptop … I have a 616 neg taken by the late Jack Hahn of an H24 in Louisville where they seemed to congregate, such as the roster shot under the coaling tower.  While the 2nd shot isn’t “on the road”, it is in an SD24 consist that appears to be in a yard.  Highly unlikely they ventured into Asheville but never say never!
I’ve yet to see a pic of an H24-66 that’s not in the middle of a consist.  The smaller H16-44s were used regularly on locals, sometimes alone, sometimes with a Geep or F.  Pix of those I’ve found indicate they ran in Indiana, KY and TN so I suspect FMs were grouped together on just a couple of divisions for maintenance reasons.
Here’s a link to Tom Daspit’s website … he shows pix of 6300-6304 plus a lot of H16s in case you have some of those.
Jim King

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