locked Re: FM H24-66 Train Masters

Charles Powell

I lived by the Knoxville to Oakdale line of the Southern in Knox County until we moved to Chattanooga in 1964 when I was 10. I remember FMs mixed with other units on trains going to Knoxville. I can't say for sure if what I saw were the H24-66 Train Master or the smaller H16-44. That was long before I started learning locomotive details. What caught my eye was the difference in the radiator section design of the FM's. I suppose if they got to Knoxville they might have gone on to Ashville on occasion. 

Later after I was working with Southern I made a trip to Huntingburg, Indiana where I was surprised by the sight of a fair sized steel shop building. It was much more substantial than most small engine terminals on the Southern. The General Foreman told me that it was intended to be the primary maintenance shop for the FM fleet but plans changed and FM were assigned to Chattanooga Diesel Shop. 

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