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Kyle Shannon

I should have added that on interchange, if a car was repacked elsewhere, it would have the location of the repack stenciled. So “Sn” could be, in theory, a location off the Southern.

On Monday, November 22, 2021, 10:14 AM, Kyle Shannon via groups.io <trainsr6900@...> wrote:

Usually those lettering are for the repack date of the bearing boxes when the cars are serviced. I believe the standard was a maximum of two years between repacks. 
For modeling, these dates should be within the past 2 years of your modeling date/era.

Somewhere, perhaps at the SRHA archive, I recalled seeing a list of initials for shops on the Southern, but not sure about Sn. Of course if a car was on interchange and due, they would repack and bill(?) to the owning railroad. The guys on here who are a bit more familiar with the operations side can probably explain it a bit better.


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On K-4;s decals for the black Southern twin hopper is the following:  Sn 3 58.  Anyone know what this represents?.  I'm sure it's something for March of 1958 but not sure if Sn is a shop abbreviation and is it for a repair, update or repaint?

George Courtney

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