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George Eichelberger

Thanks! We are fortunate to have people knowledgable on every “nook and cranny” of the Southern.

I took the attached photo of F-7A 4254 in Hazelhurst, GA on a typical (blazing hot!) August day in the early 70s (the slide taken at the same time will have the date…I need to find it…). The rear of the unit looks like it may be slightly out of focus, but it’s not. The Geep and F-unit were struggling to get a large train started across the G&SF line to Brunswick. The traction motor blowers were working so hard they were throwing dirt up from the roadbed. Every time I see the photo, it reminds me how very hot the day was.

Hazelhurst was also a museum of Southern and CofG wood racks at this time. I expect they were in service to Brunswick. To me, pulpwood cars exemplified the secondary lines and small towns in the deep south.


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Hi George,

The line from Valdosta - Ray City – Nashville – Willacoochee is run by CaterParrott Railnet.
They have been upgrading and improving service over the last few years. They also have a Madison and Thomaston division operating former CofG lines in those areas.

They also run passenger excursions from Valdosta to Willacoochee...


They even recently bought 6902 (ex NYC) E-8 from a private owner out of Nashville TN, that formally ran on New GA train out of Atlanta.

The 10-6 Sleeper should be the Flint River, however the last I heard it was at the Tifton Depot.

BR, Rahl

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