locked Re: Jim Crow Coaches

Charles Powell

Doesn't look like the Southern folks were Final Four basketball fans! I posted Saturday evening and there were seven responses before midnight! Seriously, thank you to all especially the drawing from George. I am glad that my old feeble brain still functions, I was pretty certain I remembered those cars as having luggage racks throughout. It does disappoint me that the Smithsonian didn't do its homework, especially since SRHA offered their help. I am helping a writer friend who is writing a mystery novel that takes place in the 1940s. He had emailed me asking if passenger coaches had places for the passengers to store their luggage and before I saw his email, he had searched online on his own and came up with the video from the Smithsonian. I don't think his story line has anything to do with racial issues but I am going to be sure and let him know the facts. 
Thank you all again,
Charlie Powell   

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