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Jim and I talked many times about your conversations with him about Cincy and the CNO&TP. The offer to let you have whatever material is in the archives to  help is always open. (I remember we sent you the “AFE” list of CNOTP projects some time ago….great stuff!). I don’t think Jim or I have told you I located (and scanned) many files about Cincy passenger depots from about 1910 to the expansion of the Southern intermodal facility. There are also extensive files on the banana and freight houses and the trackage along the river….including quite a few drawings!

I’ve “CC’d Bill Schafer, our TIES editor here and suggest you continue the work on your articles (maybe others are interested in helping?) I’ll help with material fro the archives however I can….


PS I’ve attached one of the marvelous (reduced resolution) photos of the bridge reconstruction. The new bridge was built over and around the original without taking it out of service!

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You have succeeded in flushing me out of the woodwork. A few years ago, Mr. Thurston and I were talking a lot about doing a Ludlow bridge building article (largely focusing on the current lift bridge finished in 1922. I have that article about half written. I have also done plenty of research to do a Ludlow yards and shops article (but the place was so extensive), that it is a large subject by itself. There were three shifts, going around the clock, at Ludlow at one point. There were well over 1,000 workers at that time from locomotive servicing, major car repair and building, car cleaners, etc. etc. 

I grew up in Ludlow, Kentucky. I now live a few miles away in Cincinnati. I have talked to Mark Mitchell about their project some. In the past few years, my attention to SRHA dwindled (but not my membership) as I took on the presidency of the Cincinnati Railroad Club. I am pleased to announce that we have moved back to Cincinnati Union Terminal this January after being gone for more than 5 years. This has been my focus the past couple of years, and utilizing spaces in CUT for the betterment of the club and preservation will continue to be my focus. An SRHA convention around the area someday? You bet, but I can start by reviving some of my article ideas for SRHA. I also have an article in progress of the early days of how McLean Yard in Cincinnati grew from just a little over 2 tracks in 1880 to a fairly major operation in the 1920s. Of course, CUT was built atop McLean, and then Gest Street came into being. Ludlow was always where the locomotives were serviced. The Cincinnati Southern’s Cincinnati yards were always undersized compared to the traffic needs and demands. There is also the CNO&TP’s 1905-built elevated high line and street trackage to the massive LCL warehouse on the riverfront to consider. That is worth an article all by itself as well.

Feel free to drop me a line to talk more

Also, my profession is (and has been for 25 years) that of a full-time paid on staff writer. 

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