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Robert Graham

Mr. Courtney:

Mr. Wall's response is the correct one regarding the Duke Power Buck Steam station you were asking about. There was, however, a Duke Power steam station located in the Asheville NC area and served by Southern Ry. It was owned and operated by Carolina Power & Light, which became Progress Energy after a merger and ultimately, also through merger, became a Duke energy unit. The CP&L plant was called Skyland and was located near Arden, south of Asheville and served off the SOU line to Spartanburg (the one that went down Saluda). CP&L Skyland came on line in 1964, though, and post dates your query. The Duke Energy Asheville Steam plant was decommissioned in 2017 and was replaced by a gas-fire combined cycle power plant, and is in service as such. I only mention this as there was in fact an Asheville Plant under Duke ownership and other sources could have led to to think that this Asheville Plant was the consignee for Duke Power Co mined coal in your era of choice. 

Duke Power Co long controlled coal mining operations in Eastern KY and S.W. Virginia and coal for a Duke plant could have originated on L&N lines and been interchanged to Southern, but I do not know for certain. Most coal originating on L&N in the 1940's & 1950's was more metallurgical and destined for northern coke & steel mills. The boom in steam coal for power generation was more prevalent in the later 1950's up into the early 21st century.

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Buck Steam Station is located on the south side of the Yadkin River near Spencer, NC.  It is still visible from I-85.  Southern served the station from a siding located between present Linwood yard and NCTM, old Spencer shops.

Here is the location on google maps:

Here is the info from Duke Energy:

I am not sure where the coal would have been shipped from during the period you stated.

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I'm curious which coal mining area provided coal for the Buck Steam Plant?  I understand this Duke Power plant was near Asheville and would have been served by the Southern.  However,was the coal provided by the s.w. Virginia area or the mines near Middlesboro, Ky?  Or some other source?  Could it have come off the L&N and been interchanged with the Southern?  My time line of interest is between World War II and the early 1950's.

George Courtney

James Wall
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