locked Jim Crow Coaches & 1401

Cohen Bob

On both of these topics:

On the coaches, I was told that the segregated section was "elastic" as the passenger loads varied. This I refer to from those coaches which did NOT have a hard barrier at the end of the Jim Crow portion. I don't know that SR had those or the ones with a curtain, but have been told they existed in the south.

Bill, Ike, care to comment and amplify?

Regarding 1401 being shopped in Alexandria: I was told by one of the metal workers/painters some 25+ years after the fact that it was restored cosmetically only, no boiler work, etc. These same men worked out at the National Capital Trolley Museum on one of their cars after an accident in 1987. Maybe the tender was fixed up as that would have relatively easy, but other than that, the cab, boiler jacket, etc. was made to look nice and pretty, and little else ................ or so I have been told. Remember that it came up dead-in-train, rods down and then sat out of doors from 1953 until it went to the Smithsonian in 1961 in its epic mile and a half 33 hour journey.

Thoughts, comments.

Bob Cohen

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