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David Carpenter

Great find, Ike! I have wondered for a long while how many transfer cabooses Southern had and why the numbers were 1-XX and then 7XXX (as far as I could guess).


On Jan 23, 2022, at 8:53 PM, George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:

With so much uncatalogued material in the SRHA archives, in many cases, it is difficult to research a particular question. One question I have had is when did the Southern change the wooden “boxes” on its transfer cabs from wood to steel. The transfer cabs were a peculiar case because they were on the accounts of the terminals where they were assigned and seldom changed locations so “system” records on them are unusual.

Here is an example of simply finding something among one of the Hayne Shop files….


PS More shortly but plan to come to the February SRHA archives work session. The L&NHS will have a session the same weekend, Fri. Feb 18th and Sat Feb 19th. In addition to the usual archives projects, we will be extending the building’s “LAN” wiring to the L&NHS archives area and adding connections for security cameras and outlets in the SRHA rooms. It is a good opportunity for anyopne to learn something, or lend their expertise, about Ethernet networks.

Also (!): While the date is not firm, but expected to be in September, the SRHA and L&NHS conventions will be together at TVRM. We will ask the TN and GA NMRA regions to participate and would like to organize a “RPM” session at the same time. If anyone is interesting in helping, or has comments or questions, send an email to archives@....

<1961-12-6 steel boxes on xfer cabs copy.jpeg>

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