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Cohen Bob


Based upon everything I have read and learned here, the painting not being quite right (or maybe even right at all?), is sure believable. That said, what about the "shopping" referred to earlier in this thread? As I said, it reportedly was NOT shopped, but cosmetically restored to sit fat and pretty, stuffed and mounted in the Smithsonian.

As for the Oracle ...... he was 12 at the time of the 1401 move, and, of course, getting heavily interested in everything SR. An aunt or cousin who he stayed with often had their home just a few blocks from the station and he spent a lot of his non-school, waking hours there, watching, learning, etc., for the lifelong memories. I am planning on attending a SR/NS employee/former employee get-together in Lynchburg in 4 weeks and that might be a question for those gathered there. Next time I see the Oracle, I'll try to remember to ask him. Maybe we'll get lucky and he will know for sure as he met, talked with and interviewed and socialized with many employees and made friends with them.

The movable curtain may have been a B&O thing when in WV and VA and that may be where I heard it in reference. Then again, it might have been from G. Lawson Clark (remember him), who, when prodded would relate lots of little this's and that's about segregation and sectional seating. Lawson has been gone now for 23 years by the way.

Bob Cohen

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