locked standard bricks

John Willis

his from the web:

"According to the Brick Industry Association, the most common brick sizes range from 31/2" x 21/4" x 7 5/8" to 3 5/8 x 3 5/8 x 11 5/8" as measured by Depth x Height x Length. Manufacturers produce bricks to their own specifications but generally fall within these commonly produced sizes."

Casa W here in Mobile was sheathed with bricks from the Henry Brick Company. Lots of choices. You should never give a woman that many choices. It took my wife a couple of months and much agonizing  ( and agitation on my part ) to choose the Mission Brick that is now 50 years old. Henry Brick Company was started in 1945 in Selma, Al.  I did a brief search and found that Acme Brick in Texas, the oldest company still doing continuous business started in 1892. Bricks are one of man's earliest building materials. I know that Monticello was built with bricks made on site, as many early buildings were done.

 Many, many, many homes here are done with "Old Brick" - a recovered brick that has a very appealing mottled pattern. I can't recall when or where I've seen a "red brick" building, although I'm sure they are here. Brick is a great material, but cost quite a bit now - what doesn't?


John C. Willis

Love brick, Al

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