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Jason Greene

I have seen actual car, and pictures of the Clinchfield version of what you were talking about. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a picture of one off the Southern. I’d be interested in seeing pictures if there was one. 

Jason Greene 

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To Anyone:

      A long time ago I saw a photo of a modified MOW railcar designed to break ice cycles from tunnels or any other objects. The car was pushed ahead of the locomotive for obvious reasons. As I recall it was either a flat car or gondola with a hoop type steel structure shaped to the track clearance limits. My guess is that it was made  in a railroad shop. I don’t remember  the railroad, but  maybe it was from the “Rat Hole” Division of the CNO&TP. Do not remember if the loco was steam or diesel. If anyone has a photo or drawing, it would be helpful for a project that I am working on.



John Warel


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Glad you can make use of it!


I expect we will have a PDF of the 1-1-76 Southern car assignment book available as a download soon. It contains 302 pages (!) of all of the various  Southern freight cars assigned to particular shippers or locations - on and off line. In addition to Southern and CofG rolling stock, cars from ACL to UP assigned to locations on the Southern are included.


Cost to download will be reasonable. We want to determine how much interest there may be for this kind of Southern “prototype” data and if people will honor the “do not distribute” request.


The ability to order other Southern and CofG drawings, photos and documents is also “in the works”. Until then, attending one of the SRHA archives work sessions is the best way to see what is available and do research.






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Thanks for posting this. It will be a big help with planning traffic on my layout (Southern S-Line).

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC


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