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Kyle Shannon

It definitely depends on the timeframe you are talking about. Division names and lines changed over time. These are best reflected in the employee time tables from the eras. Earlier on, most divisions were named for one of the primary cities along the primary line for that division.

For a long time, Greenville SC would have been considered part of the Charlotte Division for the mainline, but also with a line that was part of the Columbia Division. 

Lots of major cities did not belong to any particular division, but rather the lines within did. Chattanooga for example had the Knoxville, Atlanta, CNO&TP, and AGS, as well as the Chattanooga Terminal.


On Thursday, February 10, 2022, 1:14 PM, Steve Ellis via groups.io <meadowbrookdairy@...> wrote:

Well, Greenville South Carolina is definitely in the Piedmont. I thought they met Greenville North Carolina which is quite far east in the Atlantic coastal plain.

On Feb 10, 2022, at 1:09 PM, Tim <tarumph@...> wrote:

That's Greenville, SC. Piedmont Division main line was Salisbury to Atlanta, so Greenville was near the center. Eastern Division, on the main line, was Salisbury to Pot Yard. Of course, both divisions included other lines.

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC (on the former Carolina Division SB line, Marion, NC to Kingville, SC)

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