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George Eichelberger

I know I’ve asked before….Does anyone on the list do printing and binding? The NS print shop has done work for SRHA before (as a non-profit) but with all the changes and the move to Atlanta, I don’t know what we can plan on nowadays?

I expect with the L&NHS moving in next door, things will be busy at this week’s archives work session but we have multiple major projects either underway or needing to be organized. Once a project is organized, some work can be done “off site” in addition to at the archives. 

(Contact archives@... if you plan to be there. Please be vaccinated/wear a mask if you come.)

One project that comes to mind….many SR employee and public timetables have been scanned. If someone can de-skew and crop the scans, we can publish all of them on a DVD. Many examples from various Southern operating divisions…over many years are scanned and ready to finish.


On Feb 14, 2022, at 1:57 PM, Evan Whatley <Evan.w.what@...> wrote:

I would love to see a diagram book for freight cars covering the late 40s and early 50s. I'm sure there must of been a diagram book of fright cars keeps prior to 1960.

Another interesting project might be digitizing the freight car register for each year. That way you can link between years anad annotate additions, deletions, or modifications.
-Evan Whatley

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