locked Re: Jim Crow Coaches & 1401

Bill Schafer

TVRM operates two ex-Central of Georgia Jim Crow coaches in regular service. TVRM 906 is a modernized heavyweight, and the partition is still intact (but the “white” and “colored” designations have been done away with). TVRM 907 is a lightweight Jim Crow coach, and the partition has been removed (but you can tell where it was if you look for it). Each car still has four bathrooms and each has a small plaque explaining what a “Jim Crow” coach is/was.


Interior of TVRM 906

Plaque in TVRM 907

On Apr 8, 2019, at 2:19 PM, Bob P. <tomcatter.bob@...> wrote:

Just want to say, I'm learning a lot from these threads. Out of curiosity, I know a few other museums, like NCTM, have Southern Jim Crow cars in their collection; has anyone else restored one and opened it to visitors? Seems like it would be a good way to dispel some of the misconceptions we've discussed here.

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