locked Re: SD40-2 initial delivery questions

Carl Ardrey

Standard was 3-SD's or 4-GP's on manifest trains.  Specific models didn't matter.

On 02/17/2022 12:45 AM David Friedlander <davidjfriedlander@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Looks like 3rd Rail is finalizing orders for their O-Scale SD40-2, which the tooling allows them to accurately do Southern's initial batch of SD40-2, units 3201-3208. I'm teetering between getting two or three units.

Does anyone know if the initial SD40-2 batch was run in pairs or triplets when they first arrived on the Southern? Were any groupings of numbered units specifically ran together for any initial period of time (eg- units 3201-3203 were consisted together for a year)? Were SD40-2's immediately mixed in with SD40's?

Also, just to verify, but I believe only units including and after 3244 had snowplows, right?

Thanks as always,
David Friedlander

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