locked Authorization for Car Assignment (ACA)

George Eichelberger

When cars, of any type, either assigned to a particular shipper or service (or were released from that assignment), an “ACA” was prepared and distributed. The SRHA archives have a large number of ACAs but they are certainly only a minor percentage of the total. If a car had to be sent to Hayne, or a contract shop, to be modified to have special equipment installed (removed) we find the paperwork in our Hayne or Coster Shop files but assignments made without shopping the equipment apparently stayed in the Marketing Dept. files and SRHA does not have them.

Here is an example of ACA 2938 dated 5-19-78 that was part of ACP-852-A that “de-racked” 54 TTX cars. The 12 cars in this ACA were assigned to various GM assembly plants. The ACP (Automobile Car Program) was part of a “turn-back” program to TTX so the cars could be used in intermodal service. 

The archives files on both “auto racks” and “intermodal” are extensive. Volunteers interested in either are welcome to come to an archive work session to help get them organized and scanned…for future publication?


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