locked Southern Railway Green Light Campaign?


My name is John and I am president of the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club in Hendersonville, NC. I am also acting Archives Chairman because our Archives Chairwoman is temporarily unable to serve. We have model train layouts and operate a museum that that are all free and open to the public (www.avmrc.com) in the city-owned 1902 former Southern (thenĀ  NS) 1902 depot.

A few days ago, we were given a donation of some personal effects from the daughter of a retired Southern police captain who passed away. One of the items is a green colored cylinder surrounded by a silver colored cylinder and enclosed in solid glass. It looks like and is about the size of a hearing aid battery! The donor thought this was part of a Southern Railway campaign from the 1960s called the "Green Light Campaign". In our effort to identify it, I am appealing to anyone who can help me determine more information about this item. It was owned by her father and we want to put it on display in our museum.

I don't know if pictures are permitted in this group but I can send a picture if requested.

Thanks in advance,

John Pezzano

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