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George Eichelberger

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There is much more to be researched and written about the Southern’s early intermodal efforts!


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"PC and CNJ-RDG-B&O each operated a pair of TOFC trains between Pot Yard and North Jersey with traffic interchanged from SR and SCL-RF&P. …."

Given the interest and importance Southern Railway management was giving to “Rail-Highway” services in the early and mid ‘60s, there are quite a few memos and letters in the Presidents’ files concerning intermodal* traffic through Pot Yard. 

Interchange with the B&O at Pot Yard is discussed at length in a 9-22-65 memo. Southern operated Eastern Lines Tr 20 on a schedule that had it departing Atlanta at 9:30 PM arriving in Alexandria (Van Dorn St.) at 11:00 AM and Pot Yard at 11:59 (14 1/2 hours). The Seaboard’s competing service left Atlanta at 2:00 PM and arrived at Pot Yard at 10:00 the following day (20 hours). Although a Pot Yard departure time for the B&O connection is not given, Southern did not want to change Tr 20’s schedule because of its later cut-off times and the B&O connection that gave better service north of Alexandria than the SAL provided.

PRR TT-24 is discussed multiple times. The last paragraph in the attached 9-2-65 memo is indicative of the overall relationship between the Southern and the Pennsylvania Railroad when it was written. After a series of letters between Brosnan and PRR President Stuart Sanders, and meetings between marketing and operating groups, a 10-6-65 memo to Brosnan explained that “PRR TT-24 has been re-scheduled to depart Potomac Yards at 3:15 pm instead of 1:00 pm and is now operating on the revised schedule. This gives us the same connection which the SAL advertised, and we are making sure that shippers understand this gives us a better than competitive service.”

*The term “intermodal” does not appear in any on the 1960s documentation.


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