moderated Southern RailwayPassenger Car Specifications and Card Lists

George Eichelberger

One of several projects we can work on at the April (26 & 27) SRHA work session is to organize, scan and document our Southern RailwayPassenger Car Specifications and Card Lists. Most of the specs have been scanned but only a few of the Card Lists (drawing indexes for individual car series) have been scanned. The draft list of passenger specs are attached.

The specs and indexes for freight car drawings are scanned and have been extremely useful responding to questions from modelers and manufacturers. We need to complete the passenger cars to make it easier to find drawings. There have been several very nice passenger car kits from Bethlehem Car Works and others that need drawing packages like we did for the waffle box cars and 40' low side gons (both are available in the Grab)

We expect to have multiple work days at the archives so we can get as much done as possible before the SRHA convention and the archives formal opening on Saturday, June 1st. Send an email to archives@... if you plan to come to the work session or would like to go on some other days. There are plenty of projects to be done...we need your help getting things organized and for people to come to the convention. We will probably be working in the archives Friday- Sunday. The convention is the same weekend as the NMRA SER region convention at Chattanooga and TVRM so there will be plenty to do for both convention goers. Info and registration is on the SRHA web site


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