moderated Structure Drawings in the SRHA Archives

George Eichelberger

I sent the attached drawing of the Hillsboro, NC depot to a prospective work session attendee yesterday. It reminded me that we have never posted an example of the Southern Railway structure drawings or photos to

Digital files are arranged by state, city and sometimes milepost (water towers and bridges were not always in a town). While there are still many more to be scann and catalouged, the "Photos and Drawings by Location" file has 11,495 items in it. More than half are photos, followed by drawings then letters, memos and documentation on that location.

The file is 222.32 GB so putting it on-line, even if SRHA charged a moderate amount to download is not likely at this point. (The rolling stock file is 1.16TB and there are many other digital files.)

Working on the digital files, and doing more scanning, will be an important task during 2019. Coming to an archives work session is the best way to see and understand all of the digital and hard copy collections in the archives. The work session schedule is posted on the SRHA home page ( Someone is there other days during any month so if you can get to Chattanooga other times, send a note to archives@... and we'll do what we can. (Mainstay Suites has a good rate for TVRM if hyou plan to stay overnight.) 


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