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Jennifer Q. Hunt

That does help very much! Thank you!

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Hello, Ms. Hunt,

The Southern began using the green paint with gold trim on an order of Pacific-type passenger locomotives in 1926.

It is said that Southern Railway president Fairfax Harrison visited England about that time and was impressed with the green locomotives used by two of the railways there - the London & Northeastern and England's Southern Railway.

On his return, he directed that the passenger locomotives then on order be delivered in green with gold trim.  They proved to be so popular that the Southern's entire fleet of passenger locomotives was so painted.

I hope this helps.

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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I am a historical fiction author writing about the Southern Railway presence at the Atlanta Cotton Exposition of 1895. I am trying to discover when Southern began using their signature green and gold colors. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Mrs. Jennifer Hunt

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