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Robert Hanson

Thank you, Aidrian, for your analysis from the British point of view.

One has to wonder what the Ps-4's, and other passenger power of the Southern, would have looked like if Mr. Harrison had been impressed by the locomotives of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway rather than those of the Southern and LNER.

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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Thanks for remembering that, Bill.  On the SRHA site, there is a photo of two Mountains heading out of Atlanta... here

I'm inclined to think the second engine may still be in the older finish, there seems to be a distinct difference in tone between the two.

As far as the inspiration for the original scheme is concerned, the green used by the LNER went through a couple of iterations, as Doncaster and Gateshead works were the principal works for two of the main constituents of the merged company. Both used rather different colours,  however they were both definitely in the range of colours that could be called "apple green".. 

The English Southern Railway was, like the LNER, formed in 1923 from a government organised  merger of several companies in the south of England  and they also went through a number of different shades of green. Again the major works showed some variance in the olive green  - Eastleigh initially favouring a different shade to Ashford; this possibly lasted until 1937 when OVS Bulleid introduced a bright green known as "Malachite green".

None of these are much like Sylvan green; I am inclined to think that Mr Harrison liked the general idea of green engines,  but had his people come up with distinctively American combination of colours and striping,  far better adapted to the aesthetics of the 1920s American steam locomotive than simply copying what was being done on this side of the water. 

Sylvan green is neither Apple green nor Olive green but when I try to mix a representative shade with oils, it seems to be primarily a mix of Chrome yellow, Prussian blue and a little white  


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