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Robert Hanson

After a bit of research, I found that the first of the Gresley Pacifics, the Great Northern, of LNER predecessor Great Northern Railway, left the road's Doncaster works in 1922 clad in green dress.  The GN became part of the LNER in 1923.   While I do not know when the first Southern Railway (England) green locomotives were so painted, it would appear that those of the LNER, at least, pre-dated the Southern's green Ps-4's (the first Southern locomotives so painted) by several years.

For whatever it is worth.

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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To add to the historical murkiness, back around 2008 I attended a
British train exhibition in Taunton UK and wore my SRHA shirt.

Three men approached me and said they they were confused by my
strange-to-them shirt.

One said he was an officer of the British Southern Railway historical
group and one of their their questions was about the green paint scheme.

They said their understanding was it was the other way around and their
railroad's president visited over here, saw the American green scheme,
and ordered their engines painted likewise.

I have no idea if he was pulling my leg (fool the Yank) or what.

They all got a good laugh out of an American version of the story.

We know what both railroads did, more or less. We just don't know who
copied whom, if anyone did. :)

Personally, I'll go with Adrian's opinion.

Mike Turner

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