locked Re: Southern early low side gons (1901-1945)

George Eichelberger

If I can add a comment about Dave’s Yellow Fever article, and the material in the archives on the topic.

It beings up a point I did not realize. Public Health services circa 1916-18 were pretty much local affairs, no national recommendations or controls. As with before "standard time” the railroads had to deal with different restrictions in different places. In some places, local police met arriving passenger trains to determine where the passengers were coming from. If it were an infected area, passengers were not allow to get off.

At times, entire cities were embargoed. Until I first looked at the file, I had no idea it had such an effect on the Southern.

We have multiple “Quarantine Notices” in the archives, I’ve attached page 1 of No. 7.


On Apr 18, 2022, at 2:25 PM, A&Y Dave in MD <dbott@...> wrote:

Do you have a date on the TIES article?  I paused going through them at 1998, so I have 20 years of them to go through and I keep getting distracted by neat articles on other topics.

ORER’s are not perfect but they were available to me and give an overall feel for the scope of the topic.

Thanks. The yellow fever in New Orleans and how the Southern responded was fun to research.


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