locked Mr. Marvin Black's Southern Diesel Research

George Eichelberger

We have not given sufficient "thanks" to the amazing amount of Southern Railway Diesel locomotive research material Marvin Black accumulated for his planned book on SR diesels. Among many other items, Marvin filled more than 100 3-ring binders with copies and original material, most of it original and certainly one of a kind, with letters and memos about every aspect of the railroad's transition to diesel poser, loco specifications, design changes, etc., etc. His material, along with the volume of material SRHA obtained from the Engineering, Mechanical Executive Departments and various shops is available as the series of Southern diesel books are written and for serious research.

While Marvin did not have the opportunity to produce the book before his death, his name will appear as one of the books' authors. Anyone (seriously) interested is welcome to help with research and writing.

Although the attached document is undated, it was obviously written in the early to mid 1940s when diesels were starting to replace steam. The style is "all business" and may not be of interest to many list members but I post it so everyone can see the "richness" of Marvin's efforts.


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