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I like the big image files for archiving and research since you can read carbon copies, faded ink, and marginal notes in pencil or wax. But I agree that converting to 72 dpi and using optical character recognition to create a searchable PDF is great option for clear typewritten documents to share widely.

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The example I posted shows only a fraction of the content in the material Marvin accumulated. (As a Sou-NS employee he had access to railroad files and most certainly volunteered when material was to be disposed of.) Anyone that attends the joint SRHA-L&NHS-RPM at TVRM in Sept/Oct is welcome to visit the archives building a get the $.05 tour.

I’ve attached another example. Admittedly, it’s the kind of thing only a “hard core” modeler or railfan would care about but as you are both…..

There are dozens of Diesel assignments, modifications, retirements, etc. in Marvin’s notebooks. The SR diesel books I am doing will include many photos but the text goes far beyond that. (A “teaser” for the FT Introduction was in TIES some time ago if anyone wants to see an example of what the books will look like. The draft was getting to nearly 500 pages (to large to print/sell because of cost) so it’ll be split into multiple books to get them done and available at a reasonable price.)


PS Re storage on the .io groups. We are in the process of putting a Networked Storage system in place. (Multiple disks, fully redundant, etc.)  Anyone is: welcome to help defray its cost and help get it organized and our data loaded. Also the local area SRHA-L&NHS-TVRM network, including fiber optic connections between multiple TVRM buildings project is moving ahead..all opportunities to learn and help! We have not established who/how/costs to get to everything but the “NAS” will be our on-line repository, not the .io group.

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If all the information is of the same quality, Mr. Black's contribution is to be lauded in the highest terms. Thanks for sharing this sample.

These jpg's can be resized to 800x600 with no discernible readability concerns. The file saving is immense. From megabytes to a couple hundred kilobytes. I use Irfanview, but most graphic viewers have similar resizing tools              ( virtually every type of graphic is handled by this program with the ability to save into whichever format needed or wanted ). I also use this when posting graphics to reduce bandwidth for those who may not be able to easily receive large files  (The courteous thing to do ). Large files are for archival uses and where storage capacity is of less or no concern.


John C. Willis

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