locked Information about Southern City Yard Memphis TN in 1960s

Alexander Smart


I am a SRHA member in Oban, Scotland, UK.

I would like to find more information about the Southern freight operations around City Yard Memphis, Tennessee in the 1960s. This was inspired by Zone B of a Southern Railway Track Map and Terminal Survey, Memphis TN, May 1980, which I found on a Donnie Dixon link from the SRHA.

I realise that Southern wasn’t a major player in the Memphis area, but it will allow me me interchange and transfer runs with, the IC, L&N, Frisco, Cotton Belt etc with appropriate locos and cars.

I have been constructing a small switching layout in HO based on the above, but would like to rebuild it into a larger, more accurate layout with the correct track plan, correct industries, accurate locos and rolling stock.
So far I have Memphis Furniture Mfg.Co.,Central Chemical, McDowell Industries Inc(Semmes Bag Co.), a team track and possibly Parts Inc. Getting photos of these industries has been almost impossible so far, even on the Internet.
This is the area along the Southern branch up from Forrest Yard, from Sledge St. to Linden Street.

However I need more information especially 1960s era photos of the exact area with industries, length of spurs, trackage etc.
In addition I would welcome details of switching moves, transfer runs to other yards, locos used and rosters etc.
Did Southern allow other roads to make transfer runs to City Yard or just to Forrest Yard?
I would love to justify visits from other roads’ locos to my yard.

I have been using Mike Condren’s Memphis Railroad Pages as a good source of maps and photos but have now exhausted this source.

If any members live in the Memphis area or have a knowledge of the above, I would welcome any information or suggestions.

Apologies for such a long post!

Kind regards

Sandy Smart

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