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O Fenton Wells

Jim I'd check with Hubert Mask of Mask Island decals  He does good work and is good to work with

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 6:37 PM Jim King <jimking3@...> wrote:

Is Donnie Dixon’s web site still up?  If not, are his artwork files available somewhere? 


I’m finishing artwork for the upcoming O scale 41’6” low side gon kit and need some gothic/block font characters.  I’ve created the full-size road name, road numbers 0-9 and capy/ld lmt/lt wt characters from stenciling diagrams and field measurements on bay windows cabs during my various restoration projects over the past 6-ish years but would like to be able to import a single “font file” where I can just type the lines I want instead of having to place each character in Solidworks’ assembly file, then create a 2D file for my decal printer.


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Jim King

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