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George Eichelberger

The Southern got to Tidewater long before it acquired the original NS. Here is a portion of an ACL-SR trackage rights presentation I did years ago at the Cocoa Beach RPM. (one drawing on Pg 4 did not export to the PDF.) A heavily revised and updated version may be a future CCB and/or TIES article. Among other “new” topics, it includes Savannah Union Station and the construction of the ACL Jesup-Folkston cut off.

For anyone that has never been to the SRHA archives or sat in on a clinic or presentation using material from the archive, I’ve uploaded a PDF to Google Drive.

If you download the PDF, please send comments to archives@....

When I was first asked to do a clinic at Cocoa, the assumption was it would be on a modeling subject. I suggested that with so many good modeling topics on the schedule, I might try to do a “historical” presentation. Our expectation was either no one would sit in or they would leave as soon as they saw the subject did not include putting a high nose on a SR diesel model. Since that first clinic, “history” has been become a fixture of the sessions.

The history of the Southern is the reason SRHA exists today. Anyone interested is welcome to join at SRHA.net.


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Yes the Southern DID go to Richmond (West Point) and tidewater Virginia and NC also, with the merger of the original Norfolk Southern.


Robert Richardson

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The Southern did not go to Richmond or the Tidewater area in Virginia, did it? I know that they also did not go to Jackson Mississippi,

so there were other cities in the South which it did not serve. 


Steve Ellis



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In all my “digging” through the SRHA archives material, I’ve never read anything about the Southern having any interest in Nashville. As the Memphis and Charleston already gave Southern a western gateway and Nashville was not a enough of a manufacturing area to warrant to Southern going there, Sam Spencer was probably content to expand the system elsewhere, to Florida and Savannah, for example.


The most extensive files SRHA has on Memphis relate to a new Union passenger station. If anyone is familiar/interested in Memphis, that would make a good article for “TIES”.






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Nashville, Tennessee is the only major city in the South I can think of that the Southern Railway never reached directly. Between the L&N and the NC&StL, Nashville was effectively closed off, as the poor old Tennessee Central found out. 


Did the Southern ever have plans to reach Nashville?


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