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C J Wyatt

Very curious. Around that time, The Tennessean did indeed have a DC - Knoxville diner-lounge, Interesting, the Carolina Special also had a Knoxville - Columbia diner-lounge. This idea seems crazy, but I wonder if the diner-lounge's were taken somewhere past Knoxville for servicing and returned on the next morning's CS.

I agree that Tennesse Central was out of the passenger business then, but I wonder if the possible TC sighting was an office car from that road making an off-line trip.

Jack Wyatt

On Monday, June 13, 2022, 10:26:22 PM EDT, George Courtney via groups.io <gsc3@...> wrote:

Back in 1958 and 1959, at age 15 & 16, I worked at the Southern Railway Passenger station in Knoxville, Tn.  I only worked during the summers while school was out. I worked the evening shift from 3 pm to around 11 pm.  I sold Cokes and pre-made sandwiches and magazines at a stand in the station.  I have strong memories of Southern's Carolina Special pulling in, followed within 10 minutes if on time, the Tennessean.
Both trains were westbound.
My dim memory is of a Norfolk & Western passenger car being taken off the Tennessean and put on The Carolina Special.  I assumed the Carolina Special took the N&W car, it's maroon paint stands out, down to Harriman and interchanged it to the Tennessee Central to take to Nashville.
While I'm not sure about where the car was going, I'm sure about a N&W car being added to the Carolina Special.  Chats with Tennessee Central modelers say the TC wasn't offering passenger service at that time.  Once I think I read, the N&W car went on the end of a TC freight train for a few months.  Anyone have any knowledge of this?
I'm not saying my memory is correct.  But I've long had the memory of both trains being in the station longer than the Birmingham Special or Pelican were and of some switching action.  It's possible a diner was set off the Tennessean.  But my dim memory says the Carolina Special was scheduled to arrive first and departed second.  

George Courtney

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