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C J Wyatt

Since you had three pairs of through trains which ran over the N&W, N&W dining car crews were entitled to part of the business. In earlier times the dining car on the Birmingham Special all the way to Birmingham was N&W. I suspect in your time period the Washington-Knoxville dining-lounge was the equalizer for N&W.

Jack Wyatt

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 06:58:59 PM EDT, George Courtney via groups.io <gsc3@...> wrote:

I hadn't thought about a TC office car.  That would make sense.  Perhaps it was only two diners being removed and serviced at Knoxville.  But my ancient memory says one, most likely the Tennessean was a N&W car.  Yet, why would a N&W diner be added in Washington instead of Lynchburg or Roanoke?  Perhaps I only recall some N&W cars that continued on to Chattanooga or Memphis on the Tennessean.  Anyone have knowledge of such cars?

George Courtney

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