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Michael Roderick


I agree with you with about the digital sharing of information that is the one problem I have about being up here in Indiana and trying to do research on the Murphy Branch and can't get to Chattanooga to look in the archive's at all I have to rely on other member to get the information or go through tons of database's online to find just that one needle in the haystack to start linking the pieces together.

Mike Roderick
Modeling the Murphy Branch
Of the Southern Railroad

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Good morning,

I would suggest that the idea of a new book is only one of several options to appeal to enthusiasts of all ages.

Looking forward, why not consider an electronic reference on line? Consider, for example, that this very conversation is taking place online, rather than in print.

There are many examples of online references, both free and subscription or annual fee basis.

One example that comes to mind is steamlocomotives.com - a free reference. One good thing is that it may be updated if users send worthwhile material to the owner for consideration

I bought my copy of Prince’s “Southern” nearly 30 years ago and am proud to have it. But it is a static reference in a digital world.

I enjoy doing historical research on rail and industrial topics. If I had to rely on printed material I would be severely limited as to what I’ve found, learned, and in a small way, shared with others.

There are many things in life that must be “real and in person” - there’s no such thing as good digital Bar-B-Q and a cold drink”

But information and sharing knowledge— the process of learning new things— may, it seems to me, best be shared in real time. A very efficient way to do this is the internet.

John Stewart
Birmingham, AL

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