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Robert Hanson

When the Augusta area was in my sales territory, I would frequently spend an evening visiting with Oscar.  It was invariably an entertaining visit.

Oscar was very generous in allowing the use of many of his photos in my books.  In fact, the last time I spoke with him it was regarding the use of some of his material in a book that is currently in the works.  He did not hesitate to grant permission to use it.

Yessir.  Stand and uncover.  Oscar's leaving.

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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Oscar was such a nice guy to me.  This news is not surprising, but it is sad all the same.  

Many of you will not get the reference (back from rec.models.railroad usenet days when "Big John" was alive too), but it seems appropriate here:

"Take yer hat off son, that's the Southern going by."  And this time, the Southern's carrying "OK", so it's alright if your eyes glisten. We'll blame allergy season.


Sunday, April 28, 2019, 6:18:48 PM, you wrote:

I was just told that Oscar Kimsey passed away a few days ago. His funeral was this afternoon.

"OK", or a circle with a "K" inside was surely one of the giants of southeastern railroad photography. We will publish more in TIES but he told me how his Atlanta newspaper route went near Atlanta Terminal Station during and immediately after the war and how a relative gave him a good quality camera so he was taking important photos at a young(er) age. His friends included all of the well known photographers around the South and he exchanged negatives with photographers all over the country.

SRHA, and people interested in every railroad in the southeast, have Oscar to thank for his many thousands of photos. From the first time he located and called me when we lived in Florida, he was always generous with his (encyclopedic) railroad knowledge and photos. (The Southern 40' box car book would never have been published with access to his collection.)

His entire collection is at the SRHA archive at TVRM. We will continue to use and publish his work, always with a credit to "OK".


David Bott

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