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George Eichelberger


Without a good broadside photo, I cannot compare it to the General Arrangement drawings SF-1023 (Sou 115000-115249 and 118000-118749), SF-11118 (Sou 116600-116849 & 118000-118749). Those drawings are so accurate, if there is even a small difference in rivet patterns we can tell which series it is from. (Note these drawings are for both flats or gons. Gondolas of the 1920s were sometimes simply wooden sides on flat cars. Over time, sides were removed from the gons so most finished out their service as flat cars.)

Unless TVRM can find a road number someplace on the car, it would be impossible to determine exactly what the car’s revenue or MoW road number was. Unless we know where the prior owner got the car, it is possible it came from one of the industries around Birmingham, ex Southern or something else with replacement Southern trucks. With so many SR cars scrapped in B’ham, trucks would have been easy to find.


Sou 117644 is still configured as a low-side gondola on the ACL at Bradenton, FL in 1953. It was one of five hundred built at Lenoir in 1928 under Southern Specification F-97.
N.C.Miller Jr. Photo Neg A486 Bradenton, FL 2-53
Collection of GP Eichelberger

On Jun 24, 2022, at 10:49 AM, TIM ANDREWS <andrewstim@...> wrote:

Unfortunately when we got the car out of the parting lot in Irondale all previous paint markings were gone.  We will look more closely to see if the number is punched into the metal somewhere but I'm not optimistic.


On Friday, June 24, 2022, 10:31:10 AM EDT, Dave Queener <dave@...> wrote:


There is an approximately 40' or 42' steel flat car at TVRM with fishbelly center and side sills riding on Vulcan trucks that are clearly marked as having been cast for or by the Southern. Assuming then that it is a Southern flat car, does anyone know what number series, class, or build date it might be a part of? Here's a few pics taken yesterday:

<June 2022 083 - Crop.jpg><June 2022 094 - Crop.jpg><June 2022 095 - Crop.jpg>


Dave Queener

<June 2022 083 - Crop.jpg><June 2022 094 - Crop.jpg><June 2022 095 - Crop.jpg>

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