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Jason P

The paint scheme, deck and railing indicate it had previously been a stationary platform. I'm not sure exactly if this is the same car but it looks like the one that had been part of a viewing platform in Irondale AL. It was positioned on the south side of the tracks across from the main viewing platform. It was later moved to a shopping center called Grants Mill Station along with an ex-PRR E8, Southern coach 1076, Southern MoW baggage 90020, as well as a couple other items. The shopping center recently disposed of the railroad equipment and maybe TVRM picked up the flatcar. slapping on a period paint scheme and lettering would make the car useful for freight trains in flim shoots. Maybe that is their plan for it?

-Jason Parham

On 06/24/2022 9:31 AM Dave Queener <dave@...> wrote:


There is an approximately 40' or 42' steel flat car at TVRM with fishbelly center and side sills riding on Vulcan trucks that are clearly marked as having been cast for or by the Southern. Assuming then that it is a Southern flat car, does anyone know what number series, class, or build date it might be a part of? Here's a few pics taken yesterday:


Dave Queener

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