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If you can find it, Richard Prince's book on the Southern's steam locos is a must-have. Curt Thompson's books on steam and diesel may be worth a look as well.


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Hi Dave

Looks like you have a great knowledge on transport books.

Looking for historical data on  Robert Macy Naval Architect and Engineer.  Wrote a lot of books on ship safety.  I would like to locate a historical history of his career including times at Ingalls Shipbuilding. Also noted for designing the Ingalls 4-S diesel loco in 1946.   This loco probably ran on Southern trackage out of Decatur where the Iron Works associated factory (Birmingham Tank Co), appears to have been located on the Southern Railroad trackage.



Charles Harris





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Southern Railway: The Road of the Innovators by Burke Davis is like that.   You may also enjoy "The Great Richmond Terminal: Foundation of The Southern Railway" by Maury Klein.  They can be found for reasonable prices in used bookstores (or online at Alibris, Abe's Books, or sometimes Amazon and eBay).




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Hello, I am interested in reading about the history of Southern Railway. Can anyone suggest a book like this? I did an online service and it mostly brings up illustrated history books, but I am looking for the stories about the operations, management, mergers, etc. Something like a novel, but non-fiction of course. Thanks!






David Bott


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