locked Re: Southern Railway Bells

George Eichelberger

You are welcome to go to the archives and look into the “Bells” box. It includes info of when and where bells were donated. I have always wondered if donated bells could be located and obtained?


On Jun 26, 2022, at 11:49 AM, Will Kesler <williamkesler354@...> wrote:

As many of you probably already know this. Southern donated many many bells to people, churches, and schools and other places during the ending steam era and after that too. I know there are many left but I just can’t seem to find one for myself. I own a N&W K-2a 4-8-2 bell from #133. But finding a southern bell would be very nice and very special. I have seen two before at a school and a house in the area but neither are selling nor will they probably ever. Does anyone know where I could perhaps look?

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