locked Re: Southern Railway Bells

George Eichelberger

We call it the "bell box” as a place to keep everything on the subject together, the Southern did not use the term. It most certainly does not represent EVERY Southern steam locomotive bell, probably only the requests that went to headquarters in Washington, but it’s a clue that could lead to some number of churches or other buildings where they are now. Note that the bells do not (at least typically) have a locomotive number stamped or engraved on them. I expect it is not possible to know which engine a particular bell came from.

Carl Ardrey has looked through the box more than I, maybe he can estimate how many the file covers?


PS Like most everything else in the archives (documents, drawings and photos surely number in the hundreds of thousands) we need help sorting cataloging and scanning to allow items to be located and used. In addition to the 3rd and 4th Friday and Saturday of each month work session, the archives will be open at various times during the SRHA-L&NHS joint convention and RPM meet 9-30/10-1.

On Jun 26, 2022, at 3:02 PM, Will Kesler <williamkesler354@...> wrote:

Are you serious that’s awesome, I didn’t know they had a bell box??? I wouldn’t even expect something like that too exist. Since I live in North Carolina, I think I wouldn’t be able to get up there soon. Is the bell box able to be photographed so I can see what’s on there or is it mixed up with letters?

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