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George Eichelberger

If anyone has Southern items, such as bells, whistles, headlights station signs, etc., you might consider donating them to SRHA or TVRM to be used in the TVRM Exhibit building displays.  

At present, planning is mostly for the “brick and mortar” additions planned for the complex in addition to the existing 10,000 sq ft building. Those include an extension to the exhibit building, a new restroom “pod”, rolling stock display shed and turntable. (A roundhouse will follow.)

Individual inside and outside displays will be dedicated to the railroads of the Tennessee Valley, Pullman, express, mail and dining car services, car, diesel and steam loco components and models in several scales showing the development of rolling stock over the years. A feature will be Gen. J.D. Smith’s custom made, full HO size, Cumberland River bridge, approximately twelve feet from end to end. The bridge “kit” was constructed using Southern Railway plans provided to General Smith by Graham Claytor when they were both at the Pentagon.

If anyone would like to donate or assist, contact archives@... and we’ll make sure your information is forwarded.


On Jun 26, 2022, at 4:01 PM, Will Kesler <williamkesler354@...> wrote:

Thank you for clarifying. There’s actually a bell at a school near me from a Southern Ks-1 #755 and there’s a house I’ve seen around with a southern bell mounted just in plain site. Hope it doesn’t get stolen but they weren’t selling as I remember.

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