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Robert Graham

That photo of SOU Ps4 1380 was not made in a scrap yard or in process of scrapping. It was made sitting on the lead now used by NCTM at Spencer NC. It is right in front of the still-extant paint shop building on the north side of the main back shop. SOU1380 is in way too good condition and paint to be at the end of its service; more likely early on or at least after a shopping, perhaps even original painting after streamlining. That area later became a diesel locomotive service area, so it simply appears to me that the photographer grabbed a photo form the street sidewalk across the stored material.

Bob Graham


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You are right, I don’t know if that’s when it was being scrapped or not because it says junk yard but Spencer shops also had air of stuff laying around when they overhauled engines so I really don’t know.Trash74919733c86044ac1213f303de4729e6ded

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