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Rodney Shu

The photo of Southern RR station in Greensboro brought back a lot of memories. My father worked out of this building as a Trainmaster in the late '40s and was Superintendent of the Danville Division from 1952 to 1962 which included the main line from Monroe, Va. to Salsberry, NC .  That was way before pagers or cell phones so he would stop by "The Office" to check on things frequently at night and on weekends. My brother and I would always accompany him to the dispatcher's office which was located on the right rear corner of the second floor. Back then just about every railroad man was a smoker and the train order/ CTC area was usually full of smoke. My father's office was also on the second floor in the front which made for a great view of the Christmas Parade that crossed the tracks from the "old" part of Greensboro an continued through downtown.

Rod Shu
Birmingham, AL

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That’s right, Jason. When I hired on in 1971, I worked for J. E. Greene, Division Engineer, whose office was in the back and overlooked the parking lot. This was my “home” until I was promoted in the spring of 1972. Bill Roby, who followed me by a few years, was a management trainee here too, as well as Wick Moorman. At the other end of the building (the end facing Elm Street) was the Eastern Division offices on the second floor. The superintendent’s office was in the rounded part of the building, while to the left of his office was the dispatchers’ office. While the building wasn’t totally abandoned after the Eastern Division was combined with the Piedmont Division in the late-1980s (I believe) and moved to Greenville, much of it stayed vacant - IIRC, after that only the first floor was occupied by - I think - sales, claims, and police departments. Eventually the building became a magnet for folks who didn’t belong there, and there was talk at NS of tearing down the structure. 

I’m much relieved that it apparently will be saved and I hope restored to its original exterior appearance, which includes a peaked roof and a “witches hat” roof over the rounded portion of the building. 


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Bill S. can clarify as his first office was in this building I believe, but wasn’t this the Division offices for years as well?

Jason Greene 

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