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Thanks Bill, it’s an fairly specific topic and not my timeframe. I’ll let Andy know and tell him about this group.

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I hi-railed that line not long after it was acquired and took a number of slides, which i have around the house somewhere. I may also have some notes in files that have been sent to the Archives about the traffic on the line and SOU/NS’s tentative plans for it. The active parts of the line were rehabbed at one point before NS pulled the plug, and IIRC, the line was still passable as far as Metropolis. I don’t recall offhand if the line was still intact to Cairo. 

I know this isn’t much, but I’m traveling and it’s the best I can come up with off the top of my head. 


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A guy named Andy asked this question on another list. I don’t have an answer.  

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 Aug 10


In 1981, I understand the Southern purchased from Conrail the former NYC Egyptian line from Mt. Carmel, IL to at least as far south as the BN & UP interchange at Karnak, IL for coal business.  

Does anyone have information about the Southern  & NS operations on this line?  I understand that the NS stopped operating on it in 1988 and the tracks were removed around 1990.  Did the Southern/NS operate south of Karnak?


Here is a link to a few photos of the Southern on this line:
At Karnak, IL:


At Tunnel Hill, IL


At Harrisburg, IL:

At Carmi, IL

At Brownsville, IL:

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