locked Re: Washington, DC Lafayette Park drawing

Cohen Bob

Right after I hit send, a light dawned and here is perhaps why it wasn't rebuilt there: it was at the western end of the dawning Federal Triangle and perhaps the DC Commissioners, appointed by the President of the US, enticed SR in some way to build elsewhere closeby. Now the fact that the old SR site was not built upon until 60 or 70 years later is another story, but the Federal Triangle idea of government buildings located between Penna Ave. and Constitution Ave. and 6th to 15th Streets is a fact and today, the FTC, Archives, Dept. of Justice, IRS, Post Office (now converted into a hotel), ICC, Reagan Building, Commerce Department/s, all occupy that triangle ...... and a lot more in DC, but perhaps that was the reason for the relocation.

Who knows and yes, it might be buried in the Fairfax Harrison files somewhere in correspondence.


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