locked Re: Washington, DC Lafayette Park drawing

George Eichelberger


We could use a time line….

When did the Southern move from NYC to DC,
Where was their first headquarters in Washington,
“a few blocks from” does not sound like 1300 PA Ave,
was “near the newspaper” before or after 1300?

It’s time to hit the Prez files!


On May 24, 2019, at 10:38 AM, Cohen Bob via Groups.Io <orl96782@...> wrote:


The mystery and curiosity of mine is, after the disastrous fire, why did the SR not rebuild on the same site, albeit with a new structure, etc.? That is my mystery inquiry on this issue. The fire was well-documented at the time in the DC newspapers, occurring only a few blocks from the Washington Evening Star HQ building at the corner of 11th & Penna. Ave., NW. 

Bob Cohen

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