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Tracey Green

Thanks, Michael. I haven’t been able to discern a consistent pattern but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I was looking at the O line in NC and wondered if that was a reference to the AT&O that once owned it, but then have no idea about the basis for the L line there. 

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Tracey, just from studying old ETTs it seemed like sometimes there was a reason for a certain designation but most times there wasn't. For example, the Lockhart Branch was the LB-Line, and the former SCRR main line between Charleston and Columbia is the SC-Line, while the two SCRR branch lines were the SA-Line from Branchville to Augusta and the SB-Line from Kingville to (ultimately) Rock Hill and Marion NC, which junctioned with the Atlanta-Washington Main Line at Blacksburg NC, but that might have been just a coincidence. The old Columbia-Hardeeville/ACL connection to Florida was designated the C-Line, which could be a reference to the operating subsidiary Southern first established to build it, the Carolina Central RR. Some other branch lines had letters that seemed to clearly reference their end points, I think the Climax-Ramseur NC branch was the CR-Line. I'm sure there were others, but many of the secondary main lines didn't seem to me to be referencing anything in particular. 

Mike Young 

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I feel like I've seen this information referenced before, either in this group (though I couldn't find it in a search) or elsewhere, but what system did SOU use to designate branch lines with letter designations? Thanks in advance for any info!

Tracey Green

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