locked Re: Gordonsville, Virginia

Stephen Warner

Regarding Mr. Beckham's question, I do not know.  However, in handling Operating Agreements for NS in the 80's, CSXT wanted to renew the 1880's Lease of the line Orange to Gordonsville (did SR operate over it to Gordonsville prior to the 1880's lease, but I doubt it as SR would then have needed trackage rights over their old RR) The agreement in my file was so old that the maps and pages cracked (I hope that other copies survive in SRHA files).  As no one at NS had any use for it nor objections, I did renew it the Lease to CSXT.  And as we all know, we later assigned the Lease to Bob Bryant of Buckingham Branch.  But CSXT's assignment application included the Amtrak Off-Corridor Trackage agreement.  When I saw that, I knew that they could not assign the Cardinal's (and any other trains that may be proposed) trackage rights on that segment.  I told Jim Paschal in NS Law and he had CSXT withdraw and rewrite the application to retain the Amtrak operation over BB.  Just a side note to history.  Related to this, C&O had TR over the O&A/SR from AF Tower via Seminary/Horn Track to Orange from sometime around the War of Succession, but I do not have data on the date now (I also still have an O&A switch key).  Also, little known to SR and NS, they also were to be billed for Passing Track maintenance along the route.  Passing Sidings on DT?  But it was also D-251 Territory until the 60's, which had ABS in only one direction on each main.  So any local or ft., C&O of SR, had to Take Siding by schedule or train order when overtaken by a faster SR/C&O passenger train.  I started billing CSXT for the Maint. work on the one or two still being used by NS and CSXT didn't like it. Fun and games based upon old history.

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