locked Re: Gordonsville, Virginia

George Eichelberger

This conversation is another opportunity to introduce the group to the various contracts in the SRHA archives. The list I posted a couple of weeks ago will soon be replaced by newer version that includes around 100 new contracts and attachments. If you have not looked at the list, take a few minutes to do that…you will be surprised at how many trackage rights, union stations, etc agreements are included. I expect the “Richmond” contracts will provide data for some interesting presentations at next year’s SRHA convention there.

The next SRHA archives work session will be on June 21 and 22. Everyone is welcome to join us.

This past weekend's dedication of the archives was well attended. All of the comments I heard were very positive. Aside from the (superb) appearance of the building, the universal comment was “I had no idea there was this much in the SRHA archives." 

Here is the cover and attachment showing Orange, VA from Contract No. 897. There are only six pages in contract 897 so I can post it if anyone is interested.


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